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With over 200+ completed projects since 2002 and many years of teaching experience in NZ and abroad, Solid Earth Ltd is one of the most experienced natural building companies and the longest standing Adobe Brick manufacturer in the country.

Our focus is on creating beautiful, healthy living spaces that have minimal environmental footprint. We take pride in our state-of-the-art workmanship, extensive research and innovation in the field, as well as our contribution towards the NZ Earth Building Standards. We believe that natural building is the way of the future. Our company is dedicated to regenerative environmental practices, ethical employment, heart-centred leadership and community.

We specialize in the Adobe Brick technique, natural plasters over a range of substrates, earthen feature walls in timber-framed buildings, as well as the restoration of historic cob buildings. We carry out earth building construction work only, working in with other construction professionals and tradespeople as required.

Video by Louca Mee
We opted for building an adobe house after weighing up various earth-building options. Verena was invaluable in our building process – very responsive to our many email questions and really knowledgeable. She visited for two overnight stays – the first to teach us how to make the bricks and the second to get us laying them. Verena’s experience in building and design meant that these visits were fantastic for our confidence. She brings a ‘down-to-earth’, well-informed, and good-humoured approach firmly grounded in principles of sustainability and we would highly recommend her to anyone considering building in adobe.
Leigh Harrington, Shannon, NZ
I came to the Solid Earth summer workshop without any experience and with a relatively small amount of previous study on Earth building; I left with a comprehensive base-level understanding of the material, the techniques, the theory and the practicality and perhaps most importantly, a feeling of competency in working with clay. Verena was an excellent host who made the learning material accessible and relevant to all sorts of participants. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone with an interest in incorporating clay into their lives!
Chrissy, USA
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