Earthbuilding Construction and Adobe Brick Manufacture

Advantages of Earth Building

  • 100% Natural Local Resource
  • Very low Carbon Footprint
    Earth buildings use very little by way of manufactured or processed materials; the amount of energy consumed in construction is low therefore reducing the environmental impact
  • Great for indoor Climate
  • Climatic control
    As a high mass material earth evens out temperature fluctuations by time-delayed releasing of absorbed solar energy thus providing a stable and comfortable internal temperature (passive solar heating)
  • Moisture control
    Earth has the great ability to absorb and release moisture from the indoor air thus stabilizing humidity inside rooms and providing a healthy living environment (prevents mould)
  • Noise control
    Earth buildings have very low sound transmission levels
  • Fire resistance
    Earth walls are non combustible providing a lower fire risk factor for the building
  • Detoxifying effect
    Earth walls are completely breathable and have the ability to absorb toxins and smells from the indoor air
  • Affordable
  • Life cycle cost
    Low maintenance and heating costs equate to a low lifetime cost for the building. As energy costs rise, energy efficient buildings will have a greater value
  • Zero Waste
    Unstabilized earth is fully recyclable
  • Beauty of Colours & Textures
    Unstabilised earth is very agreeable to work with and offers a huge potential for personal creativity


However, it is important to know the limitations of the material and follow the building principles as outlined in the Earth Building Standards, which accommodate the techniques most popular in New Zealand.

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